Poster Programme BST/UTC + 1h

Poster Session A - Monday 13 September 16:05 BST/UTC + 1h


High-throughput readout of in vitro transcriptional networks using RNA-Seq (Eligible for a Prize)
Siyuan Wang and Andrew Ellington


Chemical-to-mechanical molecular computation using DNA-based motors with onboard logic (Eligible for a Prize)
Selma Piranej, Alisina Bazrafshan and Khalid Salaita


TRUMPet: A Universal Biocomputing Platform (Eligible for a Prize)
Judee Sharon, Chelsea Dasrath and Kate Adamala

P-A-004 a repository for DNA and RNA nanostructures
Erik Poppleton, Aatmik Mallya, Swarup Dey, Joel Joseph and Petr Sulc


Constructing Photosensitive Hydrogel Arrays for Local RNA-based Communication
Misha Rubanov
Pepijn Moerman, and Rebecca Schulman


Development of a Robust, Highly Processive and Fast DNA Origami Rotary Motor, Monitored by Defocused Imaging of Gold Nanorods
Haggai Shapira, Breveruos Sheheade, Samrat Basak, Ofir Perel, Mary Popov, Meitar Uralevich, Ahmad Rabia and Eyal Nir


Simulating 3-symbol Turing machines with SIMD||DNA
David Doty and Aaron Ong


Molecular programming textbook: The Art of Molecular Programming
Dominic Scalise, Namita Sarraf, William Poole, William Earley, Jacob Majikes, Anastasia Ershova, Elisa Franco, Stefan Badelt, Josie Kishi, Jaeseung Hahn, Ibon Santiago, Ismael Mullor Ruiz, Jonathan List, Pierre-Etienne Meunier, Shelley Wickham, Boya Wang, Brenda Rubenstein, Ho-Lin Chen, Sam Davidson, Sifang Chen, Georgeos Hardo, Jurek Kozyra, Lee Organick, Matthew Aquilina, Veikko Linko, Ben Foulon, Erika Alden DeBenedictis, and Jaimie Marie Stewart. 


Molecular programming standards
Molecular programming standards interest group

Poster Session B - Tuesday 14 September 11:00 BST/UTC + 1h


Phase separation-induced formation of non-base-pairing DNA microgels using amphiphilic monomers (Eligible for a Prize)
Chanseok Lee, Sungho Do, Jae Young Lee, Yongdae Shin and Do-Nyun Kim


Pattern formation on capsule-like DNA hydrogels induced by lateral phase separation of DNA nanostructure
Yusuke Sato and Masahiro Takinoue


Cascaded Pattern Formation in DNA-based Reaction-Diffusion System (Eligible for a Prize)
Keita Abe, Satoshi Murata and Ibuki Kawamata


DNA Sequence Search for Hairpins with Hill-Shaped Melting Curve  (Eligible for a Prize)
Takayuki Suzuki, Ken Komiya and Satoshi Kobayashi


DNA-mediated self-patterning of active matter (Eligible for a Prize)
Yuliia Vyborna, Jean-Christophe Galas and Andre Estevez-Torres


small : An extensible nanostructure design tool (Eligible for a Prize)
Durham Smith and Grigory Tikhomirov


A large, square-shaped, DNA origami nanopore with size-selective function on giant vesicle membrane
Shoji Iwabuchi, Ibuki Kawamata, Satoshi Murata and Shin-ichiro Nomura

Poster Session C - Wednesday 15 September 11:05 BST/UTC + 1h


Mechanical modeling and validation of single-stranded gaps in DNA structures (Eligible for a Prize)
Jae Young Lee, Myoungseok Kim, Chanseok Lee and Do-Nyun Kim


DNA computing droplets for cancer diagnosis based on identifying biomarker miRNAs (Eligible for a Prize)
Jing Gong, Nozomi Tsumura, Yusuke Sato and Masahiro Takinoue


Nucleic acid thermodynamics and rejection sampling-based DNA probe sequence optimization workflow for discrimination of single nucleotide variants in epidermal growth factor receptor
Seung Won Shin, Changyoon Baek and Junhong Min


Reconfigurable DNA Nanolattice Driven by DNA Signals (Eligible for a Prize)
Kotaro Watanabe, Ibuki Kawamata, Yuki Suzuki and Satoshi Murata


DNA origami as a template for AFM studies of lipid nanodiscs (Eligible for a Prize)
Charlotte Kielar
Madhumalar Subramanian, Jana Oertel and Karim Fahmy


Strand Displacement Resolves Staple Blocking in DNA Origami Self-Assembly (Eligible for a Prize)
Ben Shirt-Ediss, Natalio Krasnogor and Juan Elezgaray


Autonomous unsupervised learning for a spiking neuron implemented in DNA strand displacement reactions
Jakub Fil, Neil Dalchau and Dominique Chu


Programmable Ultrasensitive Molecular Amplifier for compartmentalized single-enzyme analysis
Guillaume Gines, Adèle Dramé-Maigné, Nicolas Larrouy, Paula Uittenbogaard and Yannick Rondelez

Poster Session D - Thursday 16 September 11:45 BST/UTC + 1h


Purification of DNA nano/microstructures by aqueous two-phase system (Eligible for a Prize)
Marcos Masukawa, Fujio Yu, Yusuke Sato, Kanda Tsumoto, Kenichi Yosikawa and Masahiro Takinoue


On Monotone Control of Right Linear Grammars with Unknown Behaviors (Eligible for a Prize)
Daihei Ise, Shigetaka Nakamura, Ken Komiya, Kenzo Fujimoto and Satoshi Kobayashi


Active Circuits of Duplex Catalysts (ACDC): A experimental framework for designing nucleic acid-based, out-of-equilibrium catalytic reaction networks (Eligible for a Prize)
Ismael Mullor Ruiz, Wooli Bae, Guy-Bart Stan and Thomas Ouldridge


Counterion Effects in Guanidinium-Induced DNA Origami Denaturation (Eligible for a Prize)
Daniel Dornbusch, Christoph Hadlich, Marcel Hanke, Adrian Keller and Karim Fahmy


Autonomous mechanisms for accurate copying of long templates (Eligible for a Prize)
Jordan Juritz, Jenny Poulton and Thomas Ouldridge


Self-Assembly of DNA Origami Heterodimers in High Yields and Analysis of the Involved Mechanisms
Breveruos Sheheade


Characterisation of RNA/DNA hybrid strand displacement reaction kinetics
Francesca Smith

Key dates

Full paper (track A) and abstract (track B) submission
14 May 2021 (11:59PM AoE)

Poster (track C) submission                                                
8 July 2021 (11:59PM AoE)

Registration deadline
3 September 2021 (11:59PM AoE)

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