Poster Instructions

Please find below further information on your poster presentation at the 27th International Conference on DNA Computing and Molecular Programming (DNA27).

We recommend that your poster is saved in PDF format and fits on a single page, ideally in landscape orientation so that it is convenient to view on a computer screen, though alternative layouts are also welcome. You may also choose to upload a short recorded presentation in addition to the poster itself, as described below.  This can be a recording of you describing your poster, for instance by zooming in on the relevant parts of the poster as you describe them, or it can be a separate slide show. In both cases we recommend that the presentation is short, ideally 2-3 minutes. This presentation will be available to all registered participants, so that they can view it at any time during the conference, ideally before your poster session. Please ensure that your content is uploaded before the first day of the conference.

Instructions for pre-recording and uploading your content
  • Please record your content using the software of your choosing making sure that you time your presentation to match the time allocated. We recommend using Zoom to create a local recording, which is available free of charge and works on most platforms. You are also welcome to use an alternative such as PowerPoint or any other suitable technology.
  • Once your presentation is recorded, please login to the Teams site and upload your presentation to the channel ‘Poster XX - YY’, where XX is the session and YY is the number of your poster. This can be done by clicking on the channel name in the list of channels on the left hand side of the screen, and then selecting the Files tab and clicking on the Upload button. Please get in touch if you need any assistance with uploading your presentation recording.

During the designated poster session, presenters are asked to be available to answer questions about their poster. At the start of the session please click on the name of your channel ‘Poster XX - YY’, where XX is the session and YY is the number of your poster, and then click on the Meet button in the top right corner of your screen to start a meeting on this channel. Participants will then be able to join this meeting throughout the poster session to learn more about your poster. There will be up to 8 posters per session, meaning there will be up to 8 parallel meetings that participants can join and leave freely during the session. Each poster session has been scheduled to be 60 minutes in length, which should be sufficient time for attendees to visit each poster in the session. 

Key dates

Full paper (track A) and abstract (track B) submission
14 May 2021 (11:59PM AoE)

Poster (track C) submission                                                
8 July 2021 (11:59PM AoE)

Registration deadline
3 September 2021 (11:59PM AoE)

See the full list of key dates


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